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ONLINE version (Web application)

Stadt Land Rivier online online

The Categories game is a common children's game remembered by many. You will have a lot of fun playing the game at home with children or friends. The game is also a great companion for the road, celebrations, teambuilding, at school and is an ideal gift for those who love knowledge games. During the game, you develop your vocabulary and train your memory.

Online versie van StadtLandRivier spel, dat elk klein kind kent. Denk terug aan je kindertijd en speel het spel met je vrienden of speel in een vreemde taal om uw woordenschat te verbeteren.

Speel spel ONLINE

How to start a game

Stadt Land Rivier online online
  • On the New Game page, select the game categories you want to play and click on Create New Game.
  • After clicking on Create New Game, choose other settings:
    • Game letters - Letters that can be used for individual rounds of the game.
    • Number of players - Select the maximum number of players you want to play with. The game can be started with a smaller number of connected players.
    • Number of rounds
    • Ending a round - There are two ways to end a round. A round can be ended using the STOP button, which is pressed by the first player to fill in all the game categories. Or a round can end automatically after the selected time limit has expired.
    • Who can join - You can choose whether anyone can join or only players you invite via the game link.

How to start a game

Stadt Land Rivier online online
  • After creating a new game, you have to wait for your opponents to connect. You can invite players using the displayed link.
  • If you have no one to play with, you can play against a robot. The robots only use words that have been entered by other players in the past and have been evaluated as valid.
  • The quality of a game with robots depends on how many invalid words were marked by other players. Please mark invalid words from other players to improve the quality of the robots.
  • When the game starts, players fill in the words for each category as quickly as possible. The words start with a letter that was randomly selected from the game letters picked when the game was started.
  • At the end of each game round, you can mark the invalid words of other players. If a majority of players mark a word as invalid, the word will not count.
  • The game ends after the set number of rounds.
  • At the end of the game, points are awarded for completed words according to the scoring rules.
  • The player with the most points wins.


  • If you don't have a word written down = 0 points.
  • You wrote down the same word as someone else = 0 points.
  • You wrote down a word and no one else has the same word = 1 point.
  • You are the only one who wrote down a word = 1 point.


Neem letters, maak woorden, krijg punten, versla vrienden of train gewoon je hersenen